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How to change the category of already created gig?


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You first open the link you want to edit. When the page opens you will see 'Edit Gig' at the top right corner of the page. Then you will see the subcategory or category and select the one you prefer. Then look through all the options like description, prices, gallery, etc to make sure everything is intact. When you are done select 'Save and Preview' and you are done. That is it. 

After this everything should be fine.

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Follow the instructions bellow

1. Go to your seller dashboard.

2. Click the Gigs on the top navigation bar.

3. And select the gig that you want to change the category.

4. You can see a dropdown icon one the right side of your gig list and click that.

5. Select Edit and click that in the dropdown menu.

6. And you can change category (you can change anything you want in that gig) and click the save button. That's it.

Happy Selling on Fiverr!

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