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  1. Recently, I enabled the Seller Plus feature (a few days ago). In addition, I'm having a serious problem with a buyer. It's been almost 12 hours since I submitted the ticket, and I have not heard from the support team yet. Why they said, I could get a "Support Priority in under 5-hours for all your tickets"?
  2. You have to edit your gig; then, you will be able to change your gig category!
  3. It's better not to use these things! You will be safe from any trouble with Fiverr!
  4. Technically, revisions will no longer If the buyer accept your order!
  5. Of course not! Think of it this way: you visited a doctor's chamber and came back with a solution from there! That's it.
  6. I have the same problem! I have no idea why. Gig still exists, but there are no new orders! I think patience will help! Let's take a break!
  7. Wow! Thanks for the info! I appreciate it. Thank you!
  8. After completing the first task, I've delivered the files. The buyer asks me for a simple Modification on the order page. (He did not press the Revision button). And then I've done that modification and he finalizes that. My question is, can I deliver the files again without getting any revision requests? Is there any problem or not?
  9. This is exactly what I am going through! For several months now. Nothing has been notified to me. 😞
  10. No! You can not change your username. Though you can change your Display name! To do that (for Display name)- 1. Click your profile picuture 2. Select the "Settings" 3. then you can find the Name options. Thank you.
  11. You don't need to stay ONLINE the whole time! Just spend on your regular Schedule.
  12. You will need some patience for the next few days or weeks! Let's hope it works out.
  13. Please contact Fiverr Support! They will assist you, I guess!
  14. Absolutely, No! Fiverr doesn't like this, and It's against the Fiverr TOS.
  15. When you are creating the offer, you don't have to select the (Revision) options. It will be unlimited if you do not select that option.
  16. Keep patience! It always happens for some reason, but I hope you'll get the new orders soon!
  17. This is good though it won't work for me in my present scenario!
  18. Yeah. That is correct! That's why we've to earn more skills! 😛
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