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Project Tool Integration (Jira)


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For many of the fiver orders we have there is a corresponding Jira Story or Task. It would be nice if there was an integration that kept Jira up to date based on the progress of the order.

  • There should be an association from an order to a Jira ticket. I don't see the need for a many to many relationship here.
  • You should be able to define how the states of an order will correspond to the status of a Jira ticket.
  • By default, orders that are started, should put the Jira ticket to in-progress.
  • By default, orders that are completed should put the Jira ticket to done.
  • Comments on the order, or the Jira ticket, should synchronize.
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Hello there. I’ve recently moved to Jira after 2 years of using Trello. Tbh, I still like Trello, but Jira definitely has more features. Personally, it’s easier to track the team tasks here. Btw have you ever worked in Trello? How would you rate this experience? You know, I discovered Jira accidentally when I was looking for some extensions for Trello. Then I found myself on the TechRepublic page. I think it was the moment to move to Jira, actually. So, let’s keep the thread updated, guys. BW

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