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improve my gig.


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1: Make your gigs Attractive.
2: Do proper SEO to rank your gig write a well describe description.
3: Respond daily max buyer's requests.
4: keep active on fiverr. ( mostly buyers search only active sellers so be active )
5: always give on time response.

you will definitely get orders.

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Listen before speaking.

Actively Listen:

  • Pay close attention to what others are saying without interrupting. Show that you're engaged by nodding and making eye contact.
  • Avoid formulating your response while the other person is talking. Instead, focus on understanding their perspective.

Practice Empathy:

  • Try to understand others' emotions, thoughts, and viewpoints. Empathizing with them will help you connect on a deeper level.
  • Use phrases like, "I understand how you feel," to demonstrate your empathy

Use clear and concise language.

  • Avoid jargon and complex language unless speaking to an audience that understands it.
  • Express your thoughts and ideas in a straightforward manner.

Non-Verbal Communication:

  • Pay attention to your body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice. They convey a lot of information.
  • Maintain open and inviting body posture.
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