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Classical music at night?


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Ok, I continue a topic in another thread. I said I was playing classical music at night and no one in the building complains 😄

As you can imagine, I'm a classical music enthusiast, I create personal playlists with my preferred music and I play them at night, means also from 1 am to 5 am.

My wife and my son sleep in another room. I often sleep in my home studio (there is a sofa). Because as you know, I'm "always awake" 😄

Anyway I meditate from 1 am to 5 am... yes, with classical music... sometimes I fall asleep few hours. Other times I just work for customers in time zones where they have office times.

As example in China or Japan, it's the morning of the same day. While in USA it's the morning or afternoon of the previous day. In any case, they have office times, while here is late night, OMG! 🙂

Do you work at night? Your ideas?



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6 hours ago, manuelmarino said:

Do you work at night? Your ideas?

Yes, I work a late shift for fiverr, as most of my non fiverr business takes up the day. As a VO person, you can't listen to music while you are actually working, but in between, I love Pavarotti. Handel's Water Music is also a fav.  Then there are nights where, nessun dorma.  Have you seen this BTW?




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