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Am new here please someone should help


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1 hour ago, frankaudrey said:

All things considered, the entirety of my gigs are new... yet, looking strange there is no Impression and click? Did I foul up? Here are my gigs http://www.fiverr.com//frankaudrey

You're competing against other sellers, and there's not room for everyone to be high up in the search results. Fiverr rotates new sellers into the search results, so it might just take a bit of time until your gigs start getting some impressions in the search results. If they get clicks will depend on wether or not your gigs offer something of value to the buyers at the right price. Stuff like having a great gig video, thumbnail and easy-to-read title will also affect your click-through-rate. 

Since you're all new to the platform, you might get some views to get your started, but keep in mind that Fiverr has thousands of new sellers, all competing for very limited space. There's no guarantee that your gigs will be the ones to show up in search results. 

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Hi there.

Agree with @smashradio.

You should think about what he said.


to increase impressions, you need to have a correct tag and gigs fields.

and to increase click, you need to have a attractive gig thumbnail.

the problem is.., based on what i saw:

1. For someone who if offering "design", your works is not good. You can't even place the mock-up design.

Poor choice of color. Layout is messy. Wrong choice of font for website design. GLOWING "FUNNEL EXPERT" ? Very bad.

2. You only have 1 thumbnail for each gigs? While New SELLER can have three?

If you want to success you need to give your best. Not by doing it 50/50 like now.

3. Need to build FAQS further. Treat your buyer is a total newbie. You can got lots of idea for FAQS.


Overall.... you need to lots improve from your skill and gigs.


Wish you luck,


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