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Gig getting de ranked


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Hello everyone hopefully you guy's are doing great i am a fiverrr seller for quite some time and for past 40 days my impression click's are constantly getting down i used to have about 200 impression a day and now they range from 15 to 40 impression a day. I'm really worried as my gig got de ranked i had good reviews about 97% order completion 98% response rate 4.9 rating and yet my gig is constantly getting deranked I'm really stressed out right now if anyone can help me out with My situation that would be awesome because in starting to lose hope 😓 please help me out with this situation.

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Adil Qureshi

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Please follow my suggestions here.

1. Send at least 10 buyer requests daily.
2. Use some unique gig images, attractive descriptions and ranking tags for your gig.
3. Also offer your all clients free support here.
4. Also do social shares there.

 If you follow those ways then as soon as possible you will generate more sales, impression here. 

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