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Can someone please tell me what has happened since March? The last time, I made a sales was about that period. Its been a whooping 5 months since then and no sales. So tell me, what I'm I doing wrong?

Here is my link (www.fiverr.com/archilurd), kindly check it out!

Thanks for your response,


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Gigs will sometimes move around in the search results, so if you're in a highly competitive niche, or if there are a lot of new sellers in your category, that might explain it. 

But I can't say for sure what has happened to make your sales drop. 

Your gig seems professional enough, except you could perhaps optimize it better. 

Use the search bar to look up relevant keywords and implement them in your gig titles and keywords. 

A search for "landscape" came up with these popular keywords. They could be used in titles, gig description and tags to increase your visibility. 


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