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You can find the approved links to be shared on your gig profile https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360016541618-Allowed-Links-for-Gigs 

While that specifically covers gig profile, (and don't quote me on this but this is based on what I've read previously on the forum based on someone who asked if he could share his behance profile in a conversation when the buyer asked for his portfolio and CS said yes its fine). Behance is not part of the approved links to be posted on your profile but if the buyer specifically asks your portfolio in a conversation, you can share it. @lloydsolutions you remember this whole gig link fiasco? Haha!

Again, don't quote me on this as I am not 100% certain, so its best you ask Customer Support https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new

Please do share what their response is, so the forum community will be better informed.

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7 minutes ago, lloydsolutions said:

Best not to share anything which is not on the approved list.

I agree. But I have this random hypothetical thought-- Let's say people who do web design ..... If someone asks for their portfolio and they end up sharing previous websites they've worked on. Hmmm.. This thing about links has reaallly been a drag of a question in the forum. haha but then again context wise and to avoid a headache, best to stick with approved links lol

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Just now, seven_sign said:

@theratypist I agree.

Usually this links are saying allowable for using profile and gig description.

So they didn't said clearly what can be discussed in messages actually.

This has been raised up a lot before. The last one I recall Customer Support responded that you can share your portfolio to the buyer if they ask it in the messages. Then again Customer Support sometimes says things that tend to be vague or conflicting to what's officially written lol

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