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Found 17 results

  1. This is pretty funny, I'm sure there's a reason for the minimum of 5 characters. I guess I'll have to say "Sure!" x)
  2. I have been learning digital marketing for the past few months. I have opened an account on fiver since 14/15 days ago. I gave the gig at fiverr. No order or message is coming. Giving beef at fiverr but not taking any beef. They are rejecting all the beef fiverr I gave them. Now what do I do?
  3. Who did Such an Unmark show? I do not understand. please anybody help me?
  4. Recently I only received messages on my Gmail inbox only, but not on Fiverr. And this made me reply late to buyers as am not quick aware of their messages are in my Gmail inbox. I might be online but see no messages until I checked my Gmail inbox. Please I hope any could help me out with this.
  5. I think fiverr messenger needs group chat feature because this feature is very helpful for the team work projects.
  6. So for the past 15 hours whenever I click on and start any Fiverr skills test it brings up the error message shown below, I have no idea how to fix this.
  7. I have tried several times of sending my client a site on fiverr but it is maybe blocked or what that it goes blank whenever i send the domain https://nombresparafreefire.mx/ . Help me know how to solve this issue. Should i ask support? Or any other method. As i need to send this the most of the clients. Best!
  8. I have a potential customer who contacted me a few days ago asking if I could complete a task for them. Since it was directly related to my Gig, I basically told them I'd be happy to and said they should place an order so we could discuss further requirements. They have not responded since. Should I send a follow up message, or is it most likely they found someone else to do their task?
  9. I am a new seller. I have already completed an order. But now there is no order. Buyer send me message but when I reply their message immediately but they don't respond.
  10. When trying to send messages to a customer from the phone app as soon as I exit the chat the messages disappear and if I try to open it from the pc it says "Something went wrong. Try refreshing the page"
  11. I have received a message from an unavailable profile. I am trying to reply but the reply is not sending. Now it's already 14 hours late. What should I do now?
  12. Hi everyone, I had an experience I never imagined yesterday. A buyer posted in the BR for a particular service that I offer. He asked that we submit offers which I did but then I tried to contact him directly, but this is where I got it wrong. While sending in my proposal, my phone's autocorrect feature changed 'human services to Hangouts services' without proofreading all that I had typed, I sent in the proposal. This doesn't meet him well and buyer had to spam my message. Some hours later I got a warning from Fiverr, briefing me about their ToS and how I can lose my account if such should happen again. Below are just two terms sellers need to abide with to avoid being blocked on Fiverr for violating BR terms. 1. It is a violation of Fiverr's ToS to message Buyers directly. Always and only use the BR to bid for job. 2. Do not share any personal details or mention any other communication platform outside Fiverr while communicating with clients (example Hangouts that was a mistakenly typed). You can get your account warned, suspended or blocked if Buyers spam your message. These are what should be avoided, you can add to these if you've had similar experience. Keep bidding for jobs through BR, ensure you use up your offers daily, optimize your gig, put in a compelling proposal and certainly, buyers will contact you. Thank you
  13. i got a message with fucking words from a buyer, what should i do next, should i report it?
  14. A long time i don't send any buyer request and do not any social marketing. Even then I got a lot of client messages from the beginning, but the client's messages didn't come for a few days. What should I do in this case?
  15. Can I share my behance or dribble portfolio with buyers in conversation? Please help. One buyer ask me to share my behance portfolio. Would it go to Fiverr TOS?
  16. Is there any problem? If buyer send zoom info for a meeting?
  17. Today i have faced serious error problems to receive notification, email, and even more than 8 hr delay of a buyer's text. one of my order was competed and i didn't get any option to write review and see the confirmation page. And, i didn't receive any email that was for buyer's message (which is normally sent by 2/3 min, if i didn't respond, i think) What's going on today in Fiverr system? Is there any technical issue that made all the delayed? Please let me know. thanks [i dont know this is the write section to post that !!]
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