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New Fiverr seller any advice to get my first request


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34 minutes ago, devcoder123 said:

I'm locking for some advices from you guys and help to improve my profile.

Here's some suggestions:

Gig: I will convert your design to HTML5 sass and bootstrap 5
In the gig description:
"Hello and Welcome, Are you looking for" could be "Hello and welcome. Are you looking for"
Maybe change "for 5 minutes at less"
The same suggestions for the other gigs where the above text is. Also maybe you mean "for 5 minutes at least" (but it's not clear if you're talking about Fiverr's messaging system).

In the FAQ section:
"i have" could be "I have" in answer 5.
"which i have given bellow-" could be "which I have given below-" in answer 5.

Gig: I will help you to get your items approval on themeforest
In the gig description:
". if you are a web designer o developer" could be ". If you are a web designer or developer"
"Thanks you!" could be "Thank you!"

In the FAQ section:
"If I get rejected will my money back?" could be "If I get rejected will I get my money back?" in question 1.

In the profile:
"I'm Dedicated and efficient Full Stack Web Developer" could be "I'm a dedicated and efficient Full Stack Web Developer"
"satisfied So what are you waiting for contact me now to" could be "satisfied. So what are you waiting for? Contact me now to"
In the skills section:
"bootstarp5" could be "bootstrap 5"

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