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Problem with my online status

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Hi everyone. I am facing a problem with my online status. Despite being online in Fiverr mobile app and on the desktop, when I check my profile and my gigs I am not shown as I am online. I am facing a serious dip in my orders and my impressions for the past 2 months because of this. someone, please suggest a solution for this problem. 

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Hey! So first of all, your online status isn't the reason behind your impressions dropping I believe. It depends on your placement in the search pages. You'll appear there (i.e. impressions) regardless if you're online or not. Unless a buyer uses the online sellers filter of course. 

The reason why you're not appearing online is most likely because Fiverr needs you to be active in order to show you as online. This includes for example delivering orders or communicating with buyers. 

Last but not least and I can't stress this enough, don't worry about your online status! It's much more important to focus on making your gig the best possible gig it can be. Most buyers won't care if you're online or not. They look at the quality of your gig and decide then if you're the best person for their project. Most of the messages I receive are when I'm sleeping/away. Sometimes I'm not able to respond for a couple of hours and I still get an order, because the buyer decided they wanted me to do their project so the delay didn't matter.

Hope this helped and hopefully you'll get orders again soon 🙂 

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