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Tips For New Sellers


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Forget the word success as long as you can't blame yourself for everything you do, you have to take responsibility for every mistake you make and you have to welcome yourself for every success.

The reason behind saying the above is that we often notice that we are blaming Fiverr for not getting the job, blaming the level sellers, but in fact the responsibility is yours.
Think about how much research you have been doing on fiverr so far, only this brother says that brother is doing that, I will do it and I will get the order.
Everyone's tricks and tips are different. Today I will go with some guidelines for getting the first order, thank you or you will give it after receiving the order.

Tips for New Fiverr Sellers

1. Folks, get the plan ready, then go ahead

You are a new seller, which means a newborn baby in a big marketplace, if you want to run now, it would be very foolish, the first crawl, then walk, and then not run.
I mean,

Take some time, think about what you will serve, do a little ghat about that subject. And think of the following 5 aspects and create the service:


  1. Long tail keywords.
  2. Low competitive keywords.
  3. Do you see if the new sellers are ranking in this keyword?
  4. How many orders are there in the first 5 gigs? If the minimum is 20 hours, you create a gig with that service or keyword.
  5. Gig does SEO. (I will post on Sunday about Gig SEO)

2. He also added a video

Those who know social media marketing must know this, video images are more Reach. You can make a 60-second video with your service, even if you can't give a voice, and you are ready with a slide show and light background. He made the video better

  • Who are you
  • What service are you providing?
  • Why would the client take this service?
  • A few work samples
  • Your impressions will increase, clicks will come and of course, your chances of getting ranked will increase a lot.

3. Gig Delivery Time

We are masters of Bangladeshi Cellar Ra, Gig Copy Paste. We don't just copy and paste the gig, the service package is all copy and paste, and for that, it's so wailing, it takes a little time to write everything about brother gig.

And I make this mistake that other sellers offer the service in 10/15 days, we may or may not offer it in 7 days, the client will ignore your stupidity very well.
Adjust the delivery time along with your gig prize so that the client understands that you are a professional.

Fiverr is a professional marketplace, go for tickets if you want to be silly.

4. Sort the profile

The client will not see your home status, political background, what you will see is the profile, create an ideal profile, which looks like you are a professional. E.g.


  1. Take a headshot of yours and have a smile on your face, a smiling person is easily trusted by another person.
  2. Keep a warm background so that your face is clear.
  3. Size 250 × 250 Px.
  4. Use a good slogan, please don't have common ones, look unique and beautiful and whatever goes with your service.
  5. In the description you tell about yourself, tell about your service so that the client gets positive feedback about you.

5. Keep the app installed on the phone

Keep the Fiverr apps installed and think that you will turn on the online status from the settings, if you are out of the house, for no reason, consciously or unconsciously scroll through the apps, it will help you to be active and online.


You need to know, learn a lot. You will be able to earn income only if you learn and learn as much as you know, life will not give you anything like that, you have to know. You new means you have to give twice as much time as others.
If you read my previous articles, you will know a lot


Suggest You to read my others tips for news sellers and level one and level 2 sellers.




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On 8/4/2021 at 6:19 AM, mariashtelle1 said:

@imammutahari please stop spamming your gig link. It's against forum rules and no one is interested to se your self promotion in the places where it's not appropriate.The only category you are allowed to share your gig link is "my fiverr gigs" 

Thank You @mariashtelle1 for informing about it.  and @imammutahari please follow her instruction. 

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On 8/23/2021 at 4:29 AM, servicestore85 said:

Stay motivated. That is the first step grow as a fiverr seller

Yes, you Are 100% right. Thanks brother 

@tamimwahidboss thank you so much and the timing is Nov to January. This 3 month


you are most welcome all guys. Thanks for read the topic. Hope it will work. and I request you please share this topics for your new friend who joined in fiverr recently 🙂 

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