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  1. We do a lot of spam, so no, Google is putting ai code. Understand this time.
  2. You can open the gig with some other topic. For example, icon design, vector tracing, resume design, etc etc. But you look so beautiful, love you
  3. Hi genuineguidance You are right. We wandered here and there with rotten teeth. Please, we need a little treatment. Please give me some toothache medicine.
  4. The questions were unknown. I got to know you again, thanks for sharing
  5. tresna you write so little that it will take me 10 years to learn to read. So it seems that many important issues have been discussed. Let's see if I can finish reading the information given by you
  6. There is no way to ask for feedback. If the buyer does not give feedback, it cannot be said forcefully here. If your service is good, you don't have to ask for feedback, right. The buyer will give feedback
  7. O may God! Top Secret information Don't tell anyone you will learn
  8. If you want to post on social media, then you know how to post, and if you don't know, then first you have to create images of different types of videos with Photoshop, OK. And the title tag and description in your youtube video is the same as in Photoshop image. That's it, but you have to put a title tag description in your Photoshop image. You don't understand this.
  9. Being online is driving me crazy, I know when a client will come and knock. That gig shows how much budget you will give for this work. Someone said what I will write in reply, I don't know, and if anyone knows, please tell me a little. Let's see if the word to pay is dangerous. The rest went to space and floated to Mars like the Virgin Galactic. I didn't spend 720 hours, if I were a robot, I would be very happy.
  10. You are right, there is a lot to learn in the forum. Your information speaks volumes. I learned a lot. Nice to meet you. Hope you will teach us a lot of information here. Thank you miiila for sharing your views on the forum.
  11. You're right, we have to spend a lot of time studying fiverr, and if we don't study, we won't know about fiverr. Somehow I'm already starting to study.
  12. The information is very good. I am finishing reading this information completely. Often we do not understand these at all. So I want to say that this information should be noticed by everyone. I didn't know these, thanks to mahim_designer for sharing the information.
  13. Information is very good, we can almost understand these. If you have some other information you can share.
  14. Sharing a very good information, I learned a lot from the first reading. I have to try to study and use. Thank you for the share information.
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