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What about seller's acceptance of the order?

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Many times, a buyer has bought a gig from me but when I check the material they give me, it's obvious that they didn't read the gig's description. They often ask me to do a 15 USD job by paying only 5 USD. Then, they get upset if I tell them that what they asked for is worth 15, not 5. I've had some cancellations because of that. It is totally unfair since the pricing was completely clear since the beginning. The sellers just don't want to read and don't want to pay the right price.

So, my suggestion is What if every new order has to be accepted by the seller before the order begins?

That will give us the chance to check that the seller had actually provided the right information and paid the right amount. I know it will take time and many buyers want everything to be fast, but, hey, that doesn't give them the right to harm our ratings just because they don't want to read and pay the right amount.

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A lot of sellers would like this function but I'm not sure it's practical in some respects. If a buyer places an order from a different time zone, they maybe don't have time to wait to see if the seller will accept it. If your gig is marked out very clearly, then an order they are refusing to pay the right price for can, I THINK, be dealt with through CS without stats being affected. As with your other posts, I'd say raise your prices. 

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