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How to build a healthy client-freelancer relationship


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A freelance business is like any other. Sometimes you receive a one-time project offer, and sometimes you are able to build a relationship with your client and get more and more gigs with time.

If you are a small business, you know how every client is important and how each project is unique on its own way. However, every freelance's goal is to continue growing and building a sustainable clientele that comes back often, generating profit.

With that in mind, a healthy client-freelancer relationship is built with time, trust and fairness. 

I have listed a few tips to help you create a consistent customer relation, helping to grow and maintain your business.

Do not over-promise

Here is my first and most important advice to any business-client relationship. Honesty is always the best policy. Never promise unrealistic timelines or work on something new and say that you have tons of experiences with that. 

Deliver on time

Organize your schedule, your projects and your timeline. There's nothing more frustrating for a client than to expect the project to be completed on a specific date and not receive it. If you have hiccups along the way, be sure to communicate with your client. Ask for an extension. Communication is critical to build a trustworthy relationship.

Say NO when necessary

Be honest. Do not bite on more than you can chew. Sometimes saying no to your client is the best policy. It is not always easy, but they will be glad in the end.

Do not overbook yourself

Always choose quality over quantity. I know it is hard sometimes when you are trying to build your brand as a freelance. However, taking on more projects than you can handle might work against you. In the end, your reputation is what matters, and without that, you will not build a good relationship with your clients.

Ask questions - a lot 

A clear briefing is the key to complete a successful project. Ask as many questions as necessary to have a broad idea of your client's expectations. As I always tell my clients, "the more information I have, the better I can write for your project."

Building your brand and reputation as a freelancer goes beyond a successful project. It is about making your client feel confident that you care for their projects the same way you care for your own business.

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Thanks for your nice content. I would like to add one more thing that I have maintained in order to develop a healthy client-freelancer relationship: speak the truth with the client if you made a mistake. Clients can realize that you are a human being, so you just take the time to remedy the mistake. 

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