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No one can tell you will you get it!!! You should keep your concentration on your skill. However, impression and clicks can't tell how did you create your gigs successfully! If you included relevant keyword and uploaded not so many gigs, then the impressions and clicks ratio is good, I think. You can create more gigs as per your profile level if you have enough skill.

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4 hours ago, typing_guy said:

I have 205 impressions and 19 clicks on my gig when will I get my first order?

Click and impresssion don't metter. First you have to create an amazing gig description and gig thumbnail than you have send buyer proposal 10 per day according to you skill. Finally you get an order 100%.

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3 hours ago, ligiacarvalho said:

Freelancing is not a race. As it was mentioned above, keep working hard, be patient, read and learn as much as you can, so when your first order comes, you will be ready. Good luck.

Thanks for your kind reply

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Hope this tip can help you:-

  1. Rank your gig (by using proper keyword).
  2. Improve your description.(describe your service properly).
  3. Pricing(offer a great price to buyer).
  4. Gig marketing(share your gig on deferent social media platform, never spam it)
  5. Bid properly( Bid daily with properly with requirement , never copy paste your BIDS)
  6. Never lost hope and patience.

Keep trying dear, I hope you get the rewards of your hard work.❤️😀

" If there is a hope , there is a way"

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