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  1. Impression & click doesn't matter, If you publish a professional & informative gig where you buyer can get all the answer, definetly the can hire you, so focus about your gig, images & description
  2. Hey, Muhammad Aftab Ahmed, welcome to our community🥰
  3. Hey bro, Once a time I also faced this issue & I go to contact with customer support after I told my problem, after a while they fixed my issue, actually it's a fiverr but, don't worry
  4. Welcome to fiverr community. & best of luck for your fiverr career
  5. Hi, I am Tusar. A WordPress developer. & welcome to our fiverr community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  6. welcome to our community, hope you will get a nice experience on here & best of luck
  7. welcome to our fiverr community, hope you will get a nice time on here also best of luck for your fiverr career
  8. Hi tamarkutidze, welcome to our community. here are some tips hope will help you to grow up your gig ranks use professional & useful title with your work-related keywordscreate very eye-catching gig imagesnever copy someone’s gig content, you can create a good & informative service-related gig description.try to active 24h.when you get any clients always try to make good communication with your client & try to finish your job with a good review & client’s satiesfiction if you follow these point hope you can rank your gig. Thanks
  9. hello I am AR Tusar from bangladesh. also nice to meet you
  10. yes ,sure. tell us, what is your problem
  11. yes, I already buy 3 gig, but some days ago, I posted job request job request, But so many seller are directly come to my inbox, & as you know, every know how much important for a seller, For that reason I need a dedicated buyer account,
  12. You are only allowed to have one Fiverr account which allows you to be both a buyer and a seller. yes, I know, that the fiverr allows only one account , & on the same place, i can buy & sell. but If I create a buyer account, with same computer, is that makes problem?
  13. Hello all, How are you? I have a confusion, I want to know, can I use to account with the same computer, I am a seller, but I also need to purchase many of the times, & with the same account, I feel very uncomfortable with selling & buying. For that reason, I need another account to buy? Can I do that? & fiver can allow that? Thanks for advance
  14. payoneer is the best option , to transfer your fund on your bank for free cost,
  15. hello bro, welcome to fiverr forum. Yes a order cancelation makes a bery bad effect to you gig rank & will decrease buyer knock, If you make mutual cancel , that’s will decrease your order completion rate & sometimes it makes down your gig rank, If you got buyer cancelation that’s makes you account will be fully down. So always avoid every types of cancelation & complete your order with full dedication & full effort & makes your client happy . If you do that you can get more orders & hope you will be get a great success on fiverr. & wish you all the best to get success Thanks
  16. thanks for sharing very useful & very important blog for all of us,
  17. hey, dear, be patient & keep sending buyer recquest every day, You can follow these tips which will help you to get success recharch you gig & create a killer gig with eye-catchting imageuse long tail url with many keywords, good titleuse the best seo keywordskeep marketing twise a day on every social media & give time on fiverr forum regular, 5, all time active on fiverr 6, be patient & waiting for success, Hope it’s will be help you to get success Thanks
  18. Hey, @lunieth welcome to the best community forum, & wish you all the best to get success on here,
  19. wow bro, congratulations & wish you all the best for future to ger more success on fiverr
  20. https://learn.fiverr.com/ here you can find couses, But I think now that’s now these not free.
  21. that’s free course bro. Fiverr given some course free, & I took these couse,
  22. Today I completed the 3rd course completed at Learn from Fiverr. I hope this course will be a help to get success on Fiverr & my freelancing career, I had learned many important things on here. I wish I will learn more courses to learn from Fiverr.! Learn from Fiverr (1)1243Ă—698 304 KB ![Learn from Fiverr (1)|690x387] Pray for me to get success on here,
  23. Congratulations bro,& wish you all the best to complete this order with a good reviews & get more success in future
  24. Bro, that’s not fact how much orders you completed. if you completed at least 10 orders & earned 400$+. also, maintain Fiverr’s terms & condition like your order completions rate, response rate & on-time delivery rate will be 90+, you should get level 1., you can visit this link, & hope you will understand all to things " https://www.fiverr.com/levels " Thanks
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