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Fiverr gig secret to get more potential buyers


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Guest myeasycache

I have created a gig 3 days ago and it is shown in first page of search results.(Still I did not get a order)But it is not rated yet.what should I do for to get rating…Anybody …please help me…

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Guest seontraffic

Unfortunately, this is the error of the beginner right here.

More views doesn’t mean more sales. NOT AT ALL!

More TARGETED views DOES mean in MORE SALES. The views you are getting aren’t targeted! Even if you get more of them, you get less conversions.

I’d prefer to get 100 targeted viewers and get 5 sales than 1000 targeted viewers and get same number of sales.


Simply because: 100 targeted viewers = less inbox rate so less tech support to give and more orders.

The thing with targeted viewers is that THEY ARE INTERESTED. So they will come back even if they didn’t buy the gig. Longer your keyword title is, less competition you have as well!

This is maybe just luck for you OP, but usually, a longer title with a better definition DEFINITELY leads to more sales…

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Reply to @seontraffic: I am not a beginner as I have been on Fiverr for almost 2 years and have good sales that shows my Fiverr experience and I already have a forum post about getting targeted views, so I am way ahead of you.

But you do have to admit, that in all those views, any one of them can be targeted and that without views, sales just won’t happen.

It’s all in the tags and as an SEO person, I am sure you understand that.

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I will try the same too, I am kinda struggling to get buyers, maybe it will have some positive effect. I do Portuguese-English translation, I have the maximum number of words I do for $5 in the title, but from my short experience (7 orders) I see the costumer is more concerned about the quality of the translation and less about the word count. I have sold a gig of 400 words, when my offer is 800!

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