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  1. From what I’ve saw yesterday, despite the recommended bid for me being $0.11, I only see the numbers moving if i put my bid ad $0.75.
  2. Has the results improved since then? I started using the feature too and despite my bid being higher than the recommended one, I only got 4 impressions in 24 hours.
  3. I am getting this error, in my wife’s computer the same.
  4. I couldn’t agree more. I am wondering is that happens in the custom quotes sent with fiverr anywhere too.
  5. There is something strange happening with my account, happened three times already. The order gets completed and the earnings that appear in the top of the screen are twice the value they should be. I don’t know if there is more money entering my account by mistake, or missing some, because I don’t track my sales. (not yet) But this is as flaw, and I am worried that Fiverr will not be trustful anymore.
  6. Pinterest is about sharing pictures right? Do you promote your gig cover? I should get a very appealing one for it to work? I am not sure about what to do with twitter, in Facebook I post in Brazilian university pages (I sell translations EN:PT) to reach the students!
  7. Not sure about if this is the right place to ask, is related to Marketing but more about the Fiverr search algorithm. I joined one month ago, I have a translation gig English-Portuguese, I have a video, and 7 orders completed with 5 star rating. How can I rank better in search results? I type the keywords “translate portuguese” and I see several gig’s with less reviews, and without video, users with level 0 (like me) ranking better? The same happens when I choose to see only gigs with video, or high rating. I am making some facebook marketing as well.
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