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Fiverr gig secret to get more potential buyers


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To all sellers: If you follow this little tip, your gigs will get more potential buyers. Have shorter gig titles! That’s it.

I find that my gigs with shorter titles get me more sales and questions from buyers.

Example: I changed the title of my blog network gig and got more bloggers interested.

I don’t promise more sales with this secret, just more views. More views lead to guess what?


Admin Note: Just for those who respond, after having to delete multiple responses it is necessary to note that if you put a link to your gig or profile in your response, it will be removed. If need be, the thread will be closed. The place for links is My Fiverr Gigs, not at the top of this category or in response to this thread.

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i’m changing my title now to see how it works.

I’m still new to fiverr, about two weeks in and taking in all the advice from the wonderful group of fiverr sellers who are taking the time to post in this forum.

I hope to do the same in the near future. 🙂

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Reply to @wolfstarpicture: I’m like that too. Most of my gig titles are well descriptive. It seems like more competition with shorter sentences. My wordpress gig has been active for 12 months, and still have no sales, and it only has 6 words in the title. If 10 gigs in the search results, have short, yet similar titles, then how do you stand out. I’m willing to give it a test run though.

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