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Fiverr gig secret to get more potential buyers


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Guest georgeagak

I havent got any gig order. how do I go about it? I have worked on sites where clients post work and we bid for the work…I still dont understand how it is done on fiverr@hotwebideas

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I’ve tested that theory before but doesn’t make much difference if it’s long or short. But, the key is to promote your gigs outside fiverr using the link from your gig. The more traffic to your gig, the higher the ranking which means better for searching. It’s same concept as google. Like google, fiverr will know the difference between fake traffic and real traffic to your gigs. Fake traffic gets you penalized just like on google.

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Great tip. Even when you are writing your title, fiverr automatically lets you know the right length of the title, and also when you go a bit too long.

Another good tip that I see sellers not implementing is the option to add a video. Fiverr also clearly specifies that a video in your gig can increase sales by 200%!

People have VERY short attention spans. If you add a captivating video showing what you do, the seller will be much more likely to buy. This is called pre-selling.

Make them want your service before they even read your full gig. Thats the power of a well done video 🙂

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