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Finaly get back my account


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Finally, got my account back from being temporarily disabled. It’s my new experience with Fiverr.
Everybody, please check my account and tell me are my account or gig active?

favicon-32x32.png.3350141d7aa1b10b4d30c462b1ffbfb1.png Fiverr.com 60fe5f45-559a-4935-85d6-cbd1047536b3.jpg.f13e99e5f988ad6ec80d6e15e85de64c.jpg

designerovik's public profile on Fiverr

Hi.I am Ovik (Professional Graphic Designer) from Bangladesh. I am working on Designing Sector since 2017. My weapon is Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Photoshop CC.So, ORDER ME!!

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Good think you got your account back.
Just reminding you if you don’t want to get banned again. Please remove any copyrighted images from that gig.
“Luminance by Kevin-Roodhorst” anyone with quick google search could find the result. And fiverr probably can automatically check too.

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