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Question about Buyer Request(s)


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Hi all,

This is my first time post a question on the forum, although I still feel new to Fiverr even I have created the account for over 2 years and haven’t use it because I didn’t know what is Fiverr about. After watching YouTube tips about Fiverr, then I began to put in my creative (art) skills in the gigs, and have only delivered the art to 4 sellers so far.

Anyway, I check the “Buyer Requests” tab on top right of the browse which show list of the buyers what they wanted the sellers to do the job. Can anyone clarify to me how does Buyer Request work? Is it the request buyers sent to me to create art for them? I saw one buyers put in description that he/she wanted someone to do the 90’s, as I almost often do the 80’s and 90’s artwork.

Like I said, I’m still new to Fiverr which a friend I met in person told me about Fiverr, he suggested that I should earn some money since I always do free art for over the past 16 years. Now it’s time for me to earn some little cash to support myself. And of course, I’m learning more about Fiverr. I’m grateful Fiverr gave me the chance to avoid doing art for free!

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