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  1. Having fun turning a friend's jeep into a modern "Ghostbusters" from the 1980s version with Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 on the Halloween days. 😉

    If you're having any trouble with ghost in your home, please do not hesitate to call our hotline at: 1-800-MONSTER.

    "Ghostbusters 2020s" Columbia Pictures film fan art concept art by Danny Kojima


  2. Ohh, thanks! I didn't know I could do that! No wonder I never thought of limit the orders in 'queue' within the gigs option. And yes, most of the buyers I've created art for in the past 2 and 3 months are too kind and very patience with the long process. Although the 'realistic' painting usually take me 2 up to 3 weeks to complete when I do personal painting beside commission and outside of Fiverr while on deviantART and livestreaming. anyway, I was thinking about leaving Fiverr earlier, but I wasn't sure yet. But then I guess I would just put it "Out of Office" for month until I finish other project on deviantART for another client. And thank you kindly for the advice. I'm still feel new to Fiverr, but still trying to learning how Fiverr really work for sellers. 🙂
  3. Hey there, I think you're totally right about that. Actually, I have a second thoughts about delete my Fiverr account -- so I guess I'll just putting on "Out of Office" until I finish my other art project on DeviantArt and ArtStation. I probably won't be using Fiverr very much, but I will continue to accept new commissions from client to create art for upcoming book, film, game projects and music when I log into Fiverr account. I don't know why I'm bother with the timer, because I didn't want to be late on the delivery time. It's just too stressful working on two projects for 2 different clients at the same time. Well, I guess I will probably using Fiverr for hire a seller for art online portfolio in the future. Anyway, do you know how can I accept only one commission at the time from 1 client without being overwhelm with 2 projects? Because last month I received a commissions from two clients at the same time including a musician. Also working on all 3 commissions is just too much, because some clients wanted realistic painting project for film festival, and the other wanted movie poster illustration. Anyway, much appreciate cc_animation!
  4. Yes, actually I'm still currently working on the project for a client on here, and delivery him the artwork he needed for his music this weekend. Then I will be closing my Fiverr account after transfer the money to PayPal. I did send considered extending my delivery time, and most of the clients are very kind enough to gave me 2 or 3 days to finish before I made a delivery on time. And of course, for many months, I never encounter any buyers who are rude. Most of them are very kind enough to accept 2 days delivery time. Much appreciate for your taking time to respond, theratypist. Of course, this is the only Fiverr account I had. So I want to make sure if Fiverr allow me to sign up for a new account in the future one day, if I decide to come back.
  5. Hi guys, I really like Fiverr platform very much, but the count down is putting a lot pressures on me with creating art for clients in the past couple months. Although I'm glad I have done my services by creating the artwork for a few clients who are happy with it. However, I decided to going back and staying on deviantART and ArtStation for selling art and do art commissions on there from now on. So, the question is -- when I close my Fiverr account, will there a chance for me to sign up for a new account if I ever decide to come back one day? Does Fiverr allow to open a new account after closing this account? Just wondering. Danny
  6. A Nineteen-Eighties (80's) classic music album cover illustration artwork of a Facebook friend as a teenager girl. Oh, and she is a singer too. So, here is the 80's music cover artwork I've done of Katelynn.


  7. Hi @ivan_8813, You're very welcome! I'm looking forward to see this new feature in the future, and I hope the forum will bring us new Art category within the art community! Thank you for giving back to me with this feedback. I hope you're having a wonderful day.
  8. "The Da Vinci: Lost Treasure and the Secret Mirror Journal" book cover artwork.

    Leonardo da Vinci in Paris, France (Spring March 1510) - Personal portrait painting by Danny Kojima

    Leonardo da Vinci secret mirror journal.jpg

  9. The Wastelands character concept comic book art by Danny Kojima.

    Sarah was a protagonist character of my comic book artwork.
    20 years after the apocalypse when nuclear war hits around the world on August 2042. She was once taught to hunt, survive and scavenging by her father during her childhood. Now she is on the hunt alone and kill the bandits after she witness those who murdered her father in cold blooded, which left her traumatize nor PTSD for life.
    Now she is living in the U.S. Army armor tank buried underground sand and dirt somewhere at the abandoned army based in the middle of nowhere in Southern California desert. It is a safe place though no one has any idea about the hideout for years.

    Surviving the wastelands across California is not an easy journey. There are many different territories and new enemies convoy with gas tank across southern California desert from town to town for trading which she must go for hunting and kill and steal. Even in the hot desert, she will need gas to survive for her any vehicle or dirt motorcycle she found.
    There are also new enemies including fungal zombies, those who was exposed to nuclear wasted and poison after the blast on Earth.

    Southern California U.S.-Mexico border is the main territory which has large materials and gas.

    Name: Sarah Poulsen
    Gender: Female
    Eyes: Green
    Hairs: Redhead
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 120 lbs.
    Date of Birth: November 14, 2021
    National: Danish-American
    Place of Birth: San Diego, California
    Status: Alive
    Home: Naval Base San Diego
    Affiliations: Bubby (her favorite guard dog) German Shepherd canine and Jason Poulsen (her father).
    Weapon: Heavy Sniper
    Vehicle: Dirt Bike

    I'm working on a new update version of Sarah Poulsen full body character concept artwork. And will share an artwork of Sarah with Bubby (her most loyal dog) while she holding a heavy sniper.

    Software: Adobe Photoshop CC 2019
    Tablet: Wacom Cintiq 13HD
    Published: August 17, 2017
    Comic Book, Games

    Post apocalyptic woman.jpg

  10. The myth and "Legends of the Forest" fantasy portrait concept artwork by Danny Kojima.

    Software: Adobe Photoshop CC
    Tablet: Wacom Cintiq 13HD
    Published: June 12, 2013


  11. I'm surprising Fiverr hasn't add Behance on the list. In fact, Behance website for all artists and designers is owned by Adobe.

    Disappointed (at Fiverr).

  12. This whole new level of new Fiverr Community forum design -- I'm already freakin' LOVE it. This make it little easier for me to browsing and share my status update! Now I feel like living in the future! 🥰

  13. Pretty much busy working on a new film poster artwork for a client for over 2 weeks now, and I'm exhausted already.

  14. karie_nora, I’m sorry that this happened to you. I never thought there some bad sellers would do this to scam the buyers on the platforms then disappeared with the account, because they knew that buyers would find out and contact the CS to solve this. As an artist and seller, I always do the Google Image search to see if my artwork appears on any site and it turned out, some are trying to sell my mermaid and dragon painting for print on several website. Although Bing search is my personal favorite for tracking down my artwork which is illegal sold by sellers who trying to make money off my art on other website for years. At the time, couldn’t I do much since I didn’t have enough to afford the DMCA take down, at least for now – I will at least save up some I’ve earn a bit on Fiverr to use those to pay for the DMCA take down whenever I track down those who try to sell my art on there. However, I don’t mind people are sharing my artwork on the forum, Tumblr, Pinterest or on website, as long as they’re not selling it. But whatever the seller is selling to you, it is a bad excuse for someone to do such like that to a buyer. As few other on the post here mentioned whatever seller do, provide with sketches or WIP, this could be a red flag though. I would be suspicious since there is no problem the seller really create the artwork when there is no sketches and if the image is low quality. I hope the CS able to help you to get your money back, karie_nora.
  15. But if you are saying that you potentially don’t want to get overbooked with more orders on your gig. You can limit orders in queue – that means new buyers won’t be able to purchase your gig after a certain amount of orders (which you can set). → https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010619738-Limiting-Orders-in-Queue I suggest though you can consider raising your prices or you can also lengthen the delivery time of your gig (something to consider) at least you can still get new orders. Totally up to you. Best of luck! Yes, I’m currently only able to work on the current project for the buyer right now (which supposed to complete the artwork in 14 days). So I just want to know “Out Of Office” will help pausing the gig so that way I wouldn’t get overbook from new buyer. Wait, did you just said Out Of Office will affect drop in ranking? I didn’t know it does that. Well, I guess I know what you meant by change the limit “Queue”. I just want to know the different between out of office and forgot to mention pausing the gig. I’m not sure about raising the price since I’m still beginner seller with no level 1 yet. Much appreciated, theratypist!
  16. Hi, I’m currently working on a new project a buyer who want the 80’s poster artwork for her upcoming short film via Fiverr. So the question is, will there or can any other buyer place an order while I “Set Availability” to “Out Of Office”? It’s not that I didn’t want to receive new order while I’m in the middle of working on the project after discussion with a buyer, because I don’t want to get overwhelm with overbook. Or… should I just leave it as Online?
  17. oskars25 isn’t trying to discouraged you from using Fiverr platform. As the Terms of Service made it clear that anyone could get ban again and again if a sellers or buyers try to create a new account which will detect with same IP address.
  18. Thank you for posting this, ligiacarvalho! I sure hope every new sellers first time joining the forum will appreciate this and take their times to read the Terms of Service! You’re the best!
  19. Good to know that their account been taken down!
  20. After been away from Fiverr forum and Fiverr platform for few days to finished up the commission artwork for a client (on DeviantArt) who doesn’t have Fiverr account. So that’s why I’m taking my time away from the forum to finished the artwork for theirs’ music track they needed. And but I’m little bit struggled to catch up with trying to finish some new artwork my gig previews sample update. However, I won’t be sharing any more post promotion on the forum, since I realized it just pointless for me, and waste of times to do so. At least, I’m glad I had shared enough of my art with you all fellow sellers on the forum, folks. Anyway, now I’m back. Just for a bit. At least, I managed to find my time logged onto the forum and find info on search bar to reads and navigate the site, and of course, getting to know more about Fiverr. Honestly, I still feel like a newbie on the site though… and it make me feel little silly. Okay, enough for now. I would like to share about being a freelance artist and independent freelance concept artist on Fiverr platform and offline. I know Fiverr platform is different than most freelance sites I have used such Upwork and Freelancer (for 2 years), but couldn’t beat Fiverr anyway. That’s why I have deactivated my Upwork and Freelancer. Now I have non of freelance accounts, excepted Fiverr, of course. Let’s talks about what the artist should or should not do when create concept artwork and illustration for movie, game, music and book for buyers on Fiverr. First things, gigs do have the delivery dates (forgot how many days) you can set your delivery to the buyers from all over the world (small business owners). The first things I would like to thinks about Revision. Yes, I mean the “Unlimited Revision” that I wouldn’t want to set all of my packages as Unlimited Revision for many different reasons, whether for good or bad buyers. Being new on Fiverr can be very complicated and gave me a little bit headache too, because I didn’t know what “gig” is all about! After submitted my W-9. Then, “Horray!” here I go, and created my first gig – but a month later, I received several messages from most buyers who went quiets after I replied to their message (which is marked as spam by Fiverr). I was confused and didn’t know what with all the “It will not affect your response rate.” But now I get it. But of course, some buyers also asked to work outside of the platform which I didn’t agreed to, and just ignored it, so did Fiverr marked their message as mark and no longer to be contact. I find it odd when I visited their profile which is no longer available. I guess probably they were banned from the site! Well, that’s the good things, right? Fiverr is still a strange world to me as a freelance concept artist and illustrator as I entered, and I feel like Fiverr is having my back! So I can create artwork for buyers on the platform as many as I want when they placed an order on one of the gig depending on which they likes: Basic, Standard and Premium. That’s why I feel like I’m my own boss, because I can set my own “Revision” rules instead of Unlimited. It feel great to have Fiverr have your back if I encounter any bad buyers and trying to take advantage of the “Unlimited Revisions”. But thankfully I had never had bad experienced with any buyers who bought artwork from my gigs. After taking my time reading on the forum. I discovered something on Fiverr why being an artist on Fiverr is much better than being independent freelance illustrator or concept artist when do commission for clients on Facebook, DeviantArt, Artstation or Behance. Well, here’s why: Fiverr CS have your back if you have been scam by bad buyers. Unlike DeviantArt, Behance and Artstation. These sites, you can’t do anything about it once you were been take advantage of after delivered the artwork to buyers, then poof. Gone. That’s why I like the idea that Fiverr hold the money until you finish the job to the buyers, then the money will be transfer into your Fiverr balance! DeviantArt do have balance too, but it is not as safe as Fiverr security. So, social medias don’t have security! Once you got ripped off: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, DeviantArt, Behance and Artstation can’t do nothing about it.If a seller failed to deliver the finish artwork to the buyers. Then of course the seller’s account will… I mean, I don’t know what to tell you. Of course, many so-called artists on DeviantArt usually get away with delivered unfinished art to clients there. Believe or not, the DeviantArt forum is full of a mess! I’ve seen it enough. There is nothing a clients could do after complaining on the DeviantArt forum about being ripped off by bogus artist! And so the clients couldn’t disputed for their money back once the sellers deactivate his/her DeviantArt account! That’s why it safe on Fiverr as a seller. I understand many sellers ranting on the forum how they got ripped off by buyers, or buyers got ripped off by fake seller (artist) on Fiverr. That’s why Fiverr would take action once buyers/sellers contact them. So, DeviantArt and any other art sites doesn’t have the detection system as Fiverr had on the platform which designed to ban users who has more than 1 account.What was the different about creating artwork for big film, music, book and game company between Artstation, DeviantArt and Fiverr? Character design and concept art on Artstation - The first thing is deadline! Of course, no one like deadline and it is artist’s worst enemy of all! Every movie company have their own deadline: Month and Date to get the artwork done on time! Sometime the client will ask for change of the character design no matter how many times until they drain your energy while staying for the whole night trying to get the painting or drawing done!DeviantArt - You are free to sell your art prints as many as you like, unless you paid for the Core membership to be able to sell your art on DeviantArt! That’s why it’s suck for artists who couldn’t afford a monthly payment to be able to sell their artwork. So they rely on their fans to pay a Core Membership for them!Artists on Fiverr - Any artists can create artwork for buyers as they want! As long as it is not stolen art, plagiarism or used copyrighted artwork on the gigs!Overall, Fiverr beat every single one of them. I understand most of my fellow artists doesn’t want to do business on Fiverr with their artwork. Well, here is why they preferred DeviantArt other than Artstation, Fiverr and Behance. They can set their price up to $100 up to $900, depend how long the artwork took them to completed! Of course, fans and art buyers even bought it!Artist can set their price as much as small as $2.99 for trading card style artwork for single character. Thought they sell the package of 10 piece character card artwork for $19.99. So people pay to download them with each copies. Similar to how you buy and download music on iTune or Apple music! However, there is no guarantee you as an artist can earn enough a months by selling your art on there depend on your artistic skills and creativity that catch attention from your fans and followers on DeviantArt! That’s why some artist get gift from fans buying them Core Membership all the time.And again, working as a freelance artist is not easy as you may think; depending on your skills and how you create artwork for clients, and art buyers, and writers on the freelance site. Remember, Fiverr has rules. And you must prepare and plan something to achieve the goal as a talented and skills artist. Of course, it is not easy when you’re a new seller on Fiverr platform. You will get used to the site. So… Good luck with your freelancing, fellow artists! -Danny Put On A Happy Face490×646 156 KB “Marilyn Maddona - Gotham” DC Comics (fanart) portrait concept artwork painting by Danny Kojima
  21. I seriously need to change my profile picture (maybe later in few months), because my profile pic seem bit too dark with shadow making me like a ninja, so it’s may be hard for others to see my face though.
  22. I have to agree with you on this. Every times I come on a forum and searching for some information about Terms and Service, gigs and so on, I kept seeing old forums post reviving with every new sellers keep replying to other users’ posts 2 or 3 years ago, asking other sellers/buyers to “checking out” their gigs. It’s quite annoying to me to be honest. They seem desperate for orders.
  23. That’s really awesome deivys20071 deivys20071! Maybe I could give a try creating art with Huion Kamvas one day!
  24. I don’t understand why negative review bother you so much. I believe that every buyers or clients can write a review or leaving a rating whatever they wanted. And the buyer doesn’t have to leave a review if they doesn’t want to. I never had this kind of encounter with my buyers, even one didn’t leave me a review or rate a star. I just moved on because I know he is happy with the delivery he received. You should treat your buyers with respect, no matter how bad they leave you a bad rating. Be kind to your buyers and tell them, “It was great working with you. Looking forward to work with you again in the near future” or “It was great working with you. And I hope you’re having a wonderful day!” Doesn’t matter if the buyer walk away with your delivery. Having this kind of bad attitude will not only turn away the buyers, but your service will probably over. Like leannelrivers said contact a buyer about feedback will earn you a warning for trying to manipulate the reviews, because Fiverr didn’t like that.
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