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Have a look on my gig and let me know if it needs changes


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Hello! i am a tattoo designer working from the past 6 months , my gig suddenly got de ranked , can anyone have a look on my gig and the description , do you suggest me to edit any keyword or description? because this was my ranked gig that disappeared, Its been a week.

favicon-32x32.png.322e7e696985f2ee3c402e04fc466a36.png Fiverr.com

Lunar_graphics: I will draw custom tattoo design realistic, full sleeve...

For only $70, Lunar_graphics will draw custom tattoo design realistic, full sleeve tattoo artist. | HelloI am misha a tattoo artist , Tattoo is my passion and i go beyond the line to make your ideas a reality!I make Hyper | Fiverr

here is the link

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