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  1. Yesterday i reported one gig that was using my gig description and my image and today one other person appeared in my search while i was checking my ranking. He is using my gig image. as his own. If i report it to fiverr will fiverr take action or will say that why is this only happening with you? because within 24 hours i am about to report two profiles.
  2. Hello today i was just checking my ranking on the keywords and i saw my work uploaded on someone's profile , She is a new seller and has uploaded my work as the gig image and exact gig description. What should i do? Can i message her to remove this? or i am not allowed to message any seller from the same niche.
  3. Hello , I just started promoting two of my gigs with CPC of 0.50 and 5$ budget daily each gig. My gigs are not ranking on the top and I am getting clicks but zero orders or messages. What should i do. Should i increase my CPC for better reach? The CPC i have is twice the minimum required in my niche. I look forward to anyone who can help me with this. Thanks in advance.
  4. My client is trying to scam me , he opened a dispute on my order. I cancelled the dispute 2 times and contacted the support but no ticket has been generated till now nor i received any email. What should i do , i do want to get paid because i worked really hard. The order is worth 400$ and took me 3 days to complete. I have all the screenshots that i made exactly what he wanted and now he is just making lame excuses to cancel the order because he thinks the drawing is not worth the money. which indirectly means he just want his money back despite the drawing.
  5. Thank you so much! I will do the same. I have made the drawing with much effort and i want to get paid 🙂
  6. I delivered an order to my client after making the edited version and his finalization i started the drawing. The custom drawing was exactly as he said me to draw now he says that this is not what he wanted and wants to cancel. This is a scam that he is doing. Should i contact customer support to take a look into this issue? and release my funds. The chat has all the proofs that the drawing was exactly as he wanted and now he is just making lame excuses. Kindly tell me what should i do.
  7. I tried to contact support , they said that i can retake the test again but when i tried to i still can not. This is a bug for sure but i need to get this resolved as i can not wait for 92 days.
  8. i gave the fiverr English test , after completing i was waiting for the results and then a window came that the assessment is underway please do not close the window , i didn't after an hour i refreshed the tab and it said invalid ticket and now i can re take the test after 92 days , but they did not give any marks to me. what should i do.
  9. I have a question , if i add faq to my gig does it de rank? and what if i want to add same faq for 3 gigs , can i do this or is this policy violation? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello! i am a tattoo designer working from the past 6 months , my gig suddenly got de ranked , can anyone have a look on my gig and the description , do you suggest me to edit any keyword or description? because this was my ranked gig that disappeared, Its been a week. Fiverr.com Lunar_graphics: I will draw custom tattoo design realistic, full sleeve...For only $70, Lunar_graphics will draw custom tattoo design realistic, full sleeve tattoo artist. | HelloI am misha a tattoo artist , Tattoo is my passion and i go beyond the line to make your ideas a reality!I make Hyper | Fiverr here is the link
  11. yes i think the same , i will just contact CS about this. And yes i did a double check and my out of office mode is turned off. so the problem is the bug or my client.
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