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I have a broken link to a Fiverr service I want


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Hi Guys

I was browsing Fiverr last night for stuff I want and saved my links. However, two of those were short links which today don’t work. They are


I’m hoping there’s a way to find them by that reference number on the end there but so far no joy. Anyone have any ideas?


Mad Dog

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Hi. No idea concerning your browsing work from last night, I fear, but for future use:

You can “favorite” gigs (heart symbol) which pushes them into a list you can later access, you also can create different lists for different kinds of services (like Amazon shopping lists), and use those lists to shortlist gigs to choose from then, or also to save gigs you encounter that you don’t need now but might be interested in at a later time.

favicon-32x32.png.0740601598c801788e7655107e8e7ef3.png Fiverr.com

Fiverr Help and Education Center

One marketplace, millions of professional services. Browse. Buy. Done.

Gah, for some reason it’s not possible anymore to post direct links to help center pages in the forum, it seems …

Alright then, here’s a copy-paste of the how-to (I can only find the article for mobile, but it works on desktop too):

Managing your saved Gigs on the mobile App

Fiverr allows you to save Gigs that you like by adding them to your favorites. You must be logged in to add a Gig to your favorites.

When browsing the marketplace, in each Gig, you will see a Heart icon on the top right corner. If you click the Heart icon, you can save the Gig you are viewing into your Saved list.

To add a Gig to your favorites:

  1. Click the Heart icon.

  2. Click the + icon to add the Gig, and the Gig will be added to your Saved Lists.

Note: When adding to your favorites, your heart icon is filled. To remove the Gig from your favorites, just click the heart icon again, and deselect it from the Saved Lists.

To manage your collections:

  • From the main menu, click Saved .

Note: You can sort your saved Gigs from the top right corner of the screen, by Name, Number of Gigs, or Last Modified. You can also share your saved Gigs by clicking the Share icon.

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It seems like these links you posted are generated when you place the order. That’s why those links were not working anymore.

Go to the home page and see if you can find a recently viewed page. check attached screenshot

image1728×443 86.1 KB
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