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Lost my gig rank in 2hours


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Hi Forum Members,

3days ago I have created a new gig, Next day I searched my gig with one keyword and I saw my gig on the 3rd page, after 2hours I searched again and now I can’t see the gig even in first 10 Pages.

One order is still running on that new gig which I got from Buyer Request.

How Can I get back my gig on the same position again?

Thank you

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You DO NOT own a position on the page.

It is ever-evolving based on a Search Algo similar to that used by Google along with Fiverr’s unique rotation system.

Forget thinking that you could/should own a place on a page and put that energy into building a Gig Strategy or Sales Process which matches what your specific customers are looking for. If you are not sure who that is and what they want, use yourself.

If you want to that place wanting that thing, what would you need to see, have happen to make you confident that this was the right solution to your problem.

If the only reason that you would say that you would buy from you is that you think you are a great person, you have not got a sales process that will appeal to anyone. Be honest. Seek advice from people who will be brutally honest with you. Then DO what they say.


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