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  1. Welcome to Fiverr and Fiverr Forum... Happy Freelancing...💗
  2. Welcome in Fiverr and Fiverr Forum. Happy Freelancing...💗
  3. First of all check whether the gigs are active or not. or your can directly ask this on Contact Support team and I hope you will get the best answer from them. Happy Freelancing...💗
  4. Hi Everyone, Hope you are doing great. 1. My gigs are all active but I can't find them when I search them with their TAGS/KEYWORDS/TITLE... Is it happening to me or to others too? 2. In this Forum Category, can anyone share their Gig Links too if needed in the posts? or it will be Against Fiverr Forum Terms? Hope to get some solid answers/solutions for my 2 questions... Thank you...
  5. Check from the support option whether your Gig is active or not. Or contact support team and describe your issue and they will solve your issue for sure. 😊 Happy Freelancing...💗
  6. Compare your gig with others and find the extra things that others are offering in their gig but your are not offering. In this way keep gaining more skills on your Niche and I hope it will bring you results. Happy Freelancing...💗
  7. Welcome to Fiverr & Fiverr Forum... 💗
  8. Try to contact with your previous clients and ask them if they need any of your service. Try to gain some more skills.
  9. Thanks for the valuable tips...😊 I believe it will really help New Sellers to get orders... 😊😊
  10. I believe this 5 great tips will help the New sellers... 😊 You have Highlighted the main points much carefully... 💗
  11. There's nothing wrong. Fiverr is now a Highly slected Freelancing market place where there are huge sellers are already selling the same category work/gigs that you also have. The main fact is there is something unique on their gigs which your gig is not offering. Try to have a look around in fiverr and gain some more knowledge on other works related to your Niche and I hope it will bring results. thank you
  12. Welcome to Fiverr Forum. Keep building up your skills and you will be a gainer day by day. Happy Freelancing…
  13. @mdomor288 Always read the previous posts before replying and best not to paraphrase previous replies either. Sorry for that, I will keep that in mind. Thank you 😊
  14. No, Once all the Milestones are completed then the buyer will have the option to give you Feedback for your works. Happy Freelancing… 💖
  15. Warm Welcome on Fiverr… Best of luck for your future success. 😊 Happy Freelancing… 😊
  16. There is an option beside your profile Picture " Switch To Selling " Click on that and it will be changed to your expected view… 😊
  17. Great option for Long term projects… 💗 Thanks
  18. Congratulations dear “Vickiespencer” 💖 Wish you more happiness in future… Keep us in your Prayer too. 😊 Happy Freelancing…
  19. Hi, Welcome to Fiverr Forum… No one can help you increase sale, they can only suggest you. Try to create some Unique Gigs with better SEO work and optimizations. Create an Eye catchy Gig Image. Keep sending related Buyer Requests on which you can work only. Try to be active Maximum time. I believe this will bring result for you. Happy Freelancing…
  20. Hi Forum Members, 3days ago I have created a new gig, Next day I searched my gig with one keyword and I saw my gig on the 3rd page, after 2hours I searched again and now I can’t see the gig even in first 10 Pages. One order is still running on that new gig which I got from Buyer Request. How Can I get back my gig on the same position again? Thank you
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