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What stock sites do you use?


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Hey guys, Yoav here, I manage the Creative verticals group here at Fiverr.

I was curious to hear if you guys are using any stock sites for your creations (images/footage/illustrations/music/etc…)

If so, which do you use and for what service? If you can explain why you choose these, that will be helpful for me too.


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Hi Yoav,

Personally, I use elements.envato.com

I find that the quality of the content at Envato is good, but I also really like the fact that one annual payment gives you access to everything, including video, video elements, graphics, audio etc. I don’t want to have to have lots of sites for different media. I know that once a year, I pay a few hundred $, and that’s me covered for pretty much everything I’m likely to need.

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