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Buyer didn't ask for revision in time


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A buyer responded to my order delivery by message, telling me he/she wasn’t quite satisfied yet. But, the buyer never asked for a revision, so after 3 days the order completed automatically.

Now the buyer is messaging me ‘Where are the new files? I haven’t received any’. I’m not quite sure what to do now. Either way I’d be okay with the buyer receiving a refund.

The buyer kept upscaling the order beyond the original scope, way more than agreed beforehand. He/she was willing to somewhat raise the price, but was also limited to an impossible timeframe. So if the order would have continued, I’d probably have cancelled it anyway.

I’ve explained it to the buyer, but he/she is new to Fiverr and doesn’t really seem to understand Fiverr’s system. I’ve also contacted Fiverr CS and am waiting for an answer.

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