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If you make a Gig in the logo design category, expect it to likely go nowhere, unless you are an extremely talented artist and have a portfolio of creative and unique logos that YOU designed from scratch.

Why do I say this? Well, because, if you do a search yourself under the logo category, you will see literally THOUSANDS of logo designers - many new ones and like you, there are new ones who sign up daily regardless of whether they have any creative or artistic talent to design a logo. That category is overly saturated, so, many will come here and say, “How do I rank my Gig fast”. There is NO secret formula to ranking your Gig. You have to actually offer something that people want and that is not overrun with a million sellers.

Also, you should NOT Type Like This where you capitalize every word. It is annoying to read and not professional if you were thinking of writing your Gig that way.


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