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Hello Everyone! I started on Fiverr on July 1, 2022 so my 1-year Fiverr anniversary is almost here. My goal was to become a Level One Seller within one year (while earning at least a decent amount of supplemental income so that I could work on my dream at the same time). I just accepted my 10th client (the last requirement I had to fulfill to become a Level One Seller).  Thankfully, I will achieve this goal once my current order has been completed.

Although it's been a long road, I'm proud of what I've accomplished (since I only concentrated on ONE gig for most of the time I've been on the platform). I made three other gigs but removed them within a few months of starting because (a) I reviewed my stats and noticed that my main gig was the one people gravitated to the most, (b) I realized it my main gig was the one I enjoyed the most because I believed in my ability to help Buyers AND their customers the most, and (c) I wanted to continue to create the best quality product I could create (and that took more time to achieve).

I wish I could say I earned a boatload of money (I didn't) but I DID earn a very decent amount of supplemental income (while still helping others AND having the time and energy to work on MY dream: writing my first novel). THIS was MY goal; it may not be YOUR goal.

I want to tell every new Fiverr Seller that you CAN use this platform to achieve what YOU want to achieve! If you want super sales, create more gigs and make sure that your performance matches your prices (which also matches your marketing strategies). If you want supplemental income only (because you're doing more outside things, such as having an outside job or working an outside career), then figure out the amount of time you can reasonably commit to becoming the BEST representative of the gig/s you have created.

If you're not getting clients and/or receiving non-stellar reviews, you MUST review YOUR skills to ensure you are at the skill level you need to be to entice new clients while performing well. In addition, you MUST review your gig stats at least once/month to see where YOUR possible clients are gravitating to and adjust your gigs accordingly. NO ONE can do this but YOU! But there are many in the forum that can help you as well. Learn from their experiences and ask for suggestions!

Make YOUR plan successful by deciding on YOUR goals (NOT someone else's), making a plan, and committing to YOUR plan. I PROMISE, you WILL be successful! Good luck! YOU CAN DO IT!! 

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