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Perfect Proofreading!

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Hi everyone!
I’m new to Fiverr and I’m here to offer my services as a proof reader/editor/typist and really, anything related to English. If you need me to write a description of your product, check your company’s marketing emails for errors, or help you fine-tune your cover letter/resume for instance, you name it, I’m your person.

Academically, I have consistently maintained an A+ average in English and won awards (Top in the World and Top in the Country) for English Literature and English Language. I’m also currently reading for a BA (Hons) degree in English with TESOL, and have editorial experience working on magazines, souvenirs, blogs, Instagram posts and other marketing material.

Along with writing your text, I can also design flawless flyers/posters/ads for your business or personal use.

I’m excited to work on Fiverr and I would really appreciate it if you could give me tips on how to get customers knocking at my (virtual) door!

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Welcome to Fiverr!

Here are some tips that @vickiespencer has mentioned in the Forum!

  • It is possible to get orders even when you sleep. By being online 24/7, you will be less productive and not provide top-quality communication or work. Also, Fiverr does not condone auto-refresh apps.
  • Posting your gigs all over social media is SPAM, and besides, your friends and relatives are not your target buyers.
  • Use Buyer Requests ONLY if you can do a great job fulfilling the buyer’s requirements.
  • When making offers on Buyer Requests, do not use copied and pasted offers. Each Buyer Request is unique and needs a different answer.
  • Make sure your profile is perfect. Spell everything correctly and use proper English grammar.
  • Make sure your gig images are different from any other seller and make sure they are eye-catching.
  • Never copy another seller’s gig mages or wording.
  • Do not do homework for students. Doing academic work for students will cause you to lose your gig and maybe even your account.
  • Be patient.
  • Offer fair pricing for your products.
  • Offer quality products.
  • Always be kind to Buyers (even the ones that tick you off).
  • Seek to improve your product quality over time.
  • Pay attention to what your Seller competitors are doing and learn from them (asking this question is a step in that direction).
  • Be honest.
  • Expect failures, disappointments, and cancellations but also expect successful events as well.
  • Offer a set amount of revisions. If you offer unlimited revisions, unscrupulous buyers will take advantage of you.
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