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Fake account reporting


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In my experience, Fiverr is lightening- fast when dealing with spammers or fraudulent accounts.

Here is the thing…if someone doesn’t have the skills to created their own account with their own skills, it’s just a matter of a very short time before the buyers complain and the ratings are low and the red flags start appearing making it easy for Fiverr to BAN them anyway.

I am not sure how people believe Fiverr is a quick way to make big money??? Yes you can make big money… I have made $117,000 dollars since 2018 but it’s been the hardest job I have ever had. 

Fiverr has ZERO tolerance for the spammers or fake accounts. When you report it to customer service, do a bit of research and provide a detailed description with screen shots of all aspects. Help customer service by providing the evidence they need to swiftly DEAL WITH the problem account.

We all have to be vigilant and do our part to be professional when reporting concerns. Fiverr has our back …trust me. 

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