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Blocked client requested a custom order


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Hi All,

So I did some healing gigs for a Top Buyer client. She kept requesting newer and newer things and extras and wanted me to do healing sessions right after I just finished one for her. In the modality I practice, it is not necessary. She kept questioning the results, asked me if her cat was possessed after I delivered the work. She did not leave any review but ordered another healing gig, saying she just had some weird shaman do some work on her off Fiverr and she wanted to make sure if this shaman hasn’t put anything negative onto her.

I as politely declined as I could, telling her that it would be unethical from me to take her money after I just did two healing sessions on her within a week, because I realised that she had psychological issues (most likely sevier PTSD/multiple personality disorder) and that she needed to stop obsessing about imaginary negative entities and fearful stuff, and instead deal with her everyday life. I also recommended that she contacts a licensed therapist/psychologist because my feeling was that she would be better served with in person treatment. I asked her to cancel the order. She agreed. This had a negative impact on my account of course, but who cares. I blocked her anyway, just to be sure.

Two months later she is now back, and I just received a custom order request from her.

My questions are:

  1. Will it impact negatively if I ignore this request? I tried to see if she is blocked now, but I am 100% sure I had blocked her. If it would impact me negatively, I am thinking to giver her a ridiculously high quote, something like 10x my normal rate, which I hope would deter her.

  2. More like a rantish question: Why on earth would somebody you blocked try to get trough to you and request a healing?

Thanks in advance for any input.


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