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Scammer or Not?


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How do you know whether you are dealing with a scammer or not? The first 4 people that contacted me about my gig got their accounts blocked by Fiverr cause someone else prolly already reported them…which thankfully before I actually got too far into anything with them.

I truly believe that Fiverr needs to get a handle on this situation before it spirals outta control and find a way to step up their security on this website like the possible idea of maybe having the buyers actually have to become a paid registered member of the site to identify each individual member. What’s everyone else’s thought’s?

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This is really a tricky one. Do you

  • Assume everyone is a scammer, or at least a poor client, until they prove themselves otherwise?
  • Assume everyone is a wonderful dance through the daises, until they prove themselves otherwise?

I will admit that I am more of the former than the latter simply because so many of the people I try to deal with are somewhere between clueless, offensively unprofessional, and downright out for what they can steal. Sometimes it is hard to tell which in particular but if most of the behaviors/signs are completely the opposite of what a skilled, or at least decent, person should/would do it is hard to blindly assume they are the cure for what ails ya.

This is an example from yesterday: Don’t be this person - Your Fiverr Experience / The Ranting Pot - Fiverr Community Forum
Today I got sent two jobs from people who can’t sing but seem to firmly believe the only thing between them and superstardom is a “Pro” mix - for which they will not pay even base rates.


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Scammers tend to hit on new and inexperienced sellers with no level and often no feedback. The scammers assume these sellers will be more naive as well as more desperate to make their first sale and secure feedback. As a seller you just have to keep your wits about you.

The good news is that once you’ve progressed to level 1, and certainly level 2, the scammer approaches rapidly fall away.

Personally I would like Fiverr to give a bit more control to sellers and allow them to cancel orders without having any impact on their completion stats. At the moment sellers are punished for cancelling orders - and this isn’t fair when a scammer has placed an order.

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