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Buyer convincing Problem?


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I am a new seller. Buyers sent me a message to discuss their project. He tells me, I will send my order. But don’t place an order. I Check his profile and he worked many times on fiverr.

Please tell me something and check my gig. Give me some solution.

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Hello, do you try contact with him after your last dialog? Mabye he just found other executor of the order? Or just in your dialog you have not found an understanding? Anything can happen. Do not despair and try to write to the customer yourself. Good luck to you. 😉

Buyer said me, “I will send you order now”

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Some buyers are like that, most of the time it’s because they found another seller and don’t bother telling you. Tell yourself you don’t really want those buyers anyway. At least to me, this is a red flag. If the buyer is not considerate enough to inform you, chances are his attitude wouldn’t have been better if he’d have ordered from you.

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