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What is happening to Fiverr?


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Hello everyone 🙂 I would like to start this post to discuss with you your recent experience on the platform. I am a level 2 Fiverr vendor (with the requirements to pass on the Top Rated category on 15th Dec), registering a tremendous decrease in impressions, orders, and clicks during the last month. Please avoid any useless suggestion like ‘you should promote your gig via social media networks’, or ‘You should add a video to your gig’, ‘Use Buyer Requests’, ‘Maintain high-quality standards’, etc, since I am currently adopting all these strategies. I have received 5 stars reviews on my last 20-25 orders. My question is: what is happening to this fantastic platform? Will it be the end of our freelancing careers? Why are we not receiving orders during this period? I think Xmas holidays and COVID are not good reasons since I registered reasonable order amounts during the last Xmas holidays and the entire 2020.
Additionally, I used with success the ‘Promotional Gig’ for 1 month, and then I suspended its use. Now, I am trying to use it again but, even if I placed a bid equal to $0.9 (the competitive average is equal to $0.63 in the business planning filed), but I am not receiving clicks/impressions, or orders. This situation is so struggling.

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