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How can I improve my gigs to get more order?


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This can’t be any worse; all of a sudden, orders stopped coming, impressions and rankings are getting low, not even getting any buyer requests. I have completed eleven orders; 8 were of positive review, and 3 of them with no reviews. I am trying to improve my gigs by applying all the techniques FIVERR FORUM suggested, but nothing is happening. Please check my gigs and recommend me what to do.

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disha_nauar : I will write recipes of any cuisine for your cookbook for $5 on...

For only $5, disha_nauar will write recipes of any cuisine for your cookbook. | I have been writing recipes of all the famous cuisines and delicious dishes for 5 years and counting. I will provide written recipes with all | On Fiverr

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disha_nauar : I will translate your document professionally for $5 on fiverr.com

For only $5, disha_nauar will translate your document professionally. | I will translate your documents from English to French, Spanish, Bengali, and Hindi & ensure you that the translated document will be concise and tone | On Fiverr

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disha_nauar : I will proofread and edit your documents professionally for $5...

For only $5, disha_nauar will proofread and edit your documents professionally. | I have been proofreading for 4 years and counting. To bring out the best from one's writing is what I have wanted all the time.I | On Fiverr

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