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  1. Well, if a buyer is interested in your gig, and they find your gig better than others, they'll buy it from you anyway. And I am sorry if my words sounds a bit rude to you, but this post will distract a lot of new sellers as they might start to feel that if they don't stay active for 24 hours, then they won't receive any orders, which is absolutely not true. So, it's better if you avoid posting such topics. I apologize again for my words, but it is what it is.
  2. Holy heavens! Can you help me get orders too? I have been sitting idle for a month or more 🙂
  3. My question is.....Do you stay active every moment? Seems like you are ready to trade your sleeping hours for orders 🤔? Don't mind me, just asking😅.
  4. Sometimes, I really wish I had a delete button for such people; life would have been so much easier...
  5. I faced something similar; one seller tried to copy my gig, and I was shocked by the audacity of that seller when she asked me to write a gig description for her...for free! I didn't bother much to reply to that message and kept it on seen. After 2-3 weeks, she again knocked me and asked me if I could complete an order on behalf of her; I then asked about the task and how much she's willing to pay me, she got an order of editing a 20k word article, and she wanted to pay me $8 to complete her work!! Now she is on my block-list😑. I would advise you the same as others stated, cancel the order and move on😊.
  6. Death rates are always shown lower than the actual, that's why people are not taking the precautions seriously. And the funny thing is that the reporters and journalists are busy taking notes about "lifestyle of actresses or actors" than talking about the crisis of beds in hospitals and patients dying because of that.
  7. It would take me decades to earn that amount🙃
  8. you should contact with CS about this; after all, you have done the work not them.
  9. You can see this post, this might help you out!
  10. This new look is absolutely great🤩...I just hope I don't get lost😰
  11. I am in!!! Please sign me up!!!
  12. 00533×576 25.6 KB Is everyone facing the same problem or is it only me?
  13. You will find a lot of answers related to this topic on the forum, spare some time and try to go through them.
  14. Hi there! I will suggest you to take a look at the forum, many people have asked the same question before. You might as well get what you’re looking for! And one more thing; don’t rely on the suggestion “promoting gigs on social media”, it will just bring impressions and clicks, nothing more.
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