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  1. I already contacted. And thanks for the suggestion.
  2. I did not know about it. In future, I will be conscious about it.
  3. It’s same topic. But buyer threaded me, misbehaved with me. That is why I felt very scared.
  4. Sorry to hear about it. But yes, you are right that fiverr gives priority to buyers than sellers. It should be changed.
  5. Yes, it was a lesson for me. I already sent the screenshots.
  6. Thanks for the support in this traumatic moment.
  7. A fraud seller of *********** placed an order on my gig. Now he is not accepting the order, disputing continuously. Now he is threating me that if I do not cancel the order he will take action against me. He will hack my fiverr account. I am trapped. What should I do? Need experts help. Mod Note: Country/region reference removed.
  8. Yes, I am also from Bangladesh, and I got harassed by my country’s fraud people, which I never expected before. For his misbehave I have to suffer for a long time. I do not know what should I do. He is disputing the order continuously and I am declining. At the same time the time is running out. I do not know what step I should take against this fraud and how could I punish him. If he is not punished right now then more new seller like me, might be harassed by this fraud.
  9. Around 2 days back a man placed an order over my gig. He is a seller. Now without any conversation he wants to cancel the order. I found that it is a fake account. 2 days ago, I found that the buyer had 4 gigs in his account, now I found 1, and he is changing his account’s profile picture again and again. He disputed the order 3 times in a row, and I declined. Now what should I do? I am feeling very helpless. Please help me.
  10. Congratulations, brother for your success.
  11. I am a new seller here. I would like to know as well.
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