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Gig is not appeared on search engine and is still under review


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Hi everyone,
Just 2 days ago, I recreated my gig which has been denied by Fiverr for some reason. I asked the Fiverr support to help me out as I have done nothing illegal but still, my gig has been denied. They told me that I can recreate my gig. I have recreated the gig again and now it’s been 2 days that my gig is under review and not in search engine.
I need suggestions from you people. Kindly do tell me or guide me if you people know anything regarding this.
Thanks in advance.

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Sometimes gigs get stuck in the pending review process. I believe mine was so for many weeks after I edited it, until I noticed it. I contacted Support about it and after a few days it was approved again.

Good luck!

Thanks a lot for your quick response. I have contacted the Fiverr Support but have not get any response yet.

Hope for the best.

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