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Tips for building perfect web pages!


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Hello everyone!

I have almost 2 year experience in the front end development field. I have worked for few companies in my city and also have been working in Fiverr recently.

What does a perfect web page actually mean?
Well the answers maybe simple but trust me guys… there are few things that would be a great key to make your web page look and work perfectly!

Firstly you web page needs to be attractive, simple and standard with informative and attention grabbing contents. We all love to visit and read contents in a page when it is soothing to our eyes and also interesting to know about the topic discussed in the page! For this we need excellent designs to develop. If you are a designer and a developer, well you need to know the about the designs trending in the job market and make the best use of it. You need to study a lot by seeing professional portfolios to increase your ideas. Some examples of online portfolio sites are Behance, Pinterest , Dribbble. Right spacings between elements, right choice of colors, fonts, images , videos and contents that would grab the viewer’s attention needs to be your priorities. If you are just a developer, well you have to be more precise while converting the designs provided to you perfectly, i.e, spacing between sections, font sizes, colors used in the design, taking images from the design and implementing them in your webpage with out ruining the image quality, all these needs to be done in the right way.

Another main concern to built an excellent web page is to make sure your webpage doesn’t take much time to load. To ensure this you need to:

  • optimize your code , by using right markups, efficient coding in JavaScript if any.
  • add minimum libraries. Usage of less libraries helps in loading your page faster as there will be less files to be loaded.
  • use light weighted images and videos, as all these are the main criteria behind your webpage load time.
  • place your script tags towards the end of the code and style links at the beginning.

Finally coming to the main key, the most important one, is that you make your webpage responsive in all the devices. A perfect webpage is when your webpages looks great in desktop view and also in other device views (like tab view, mobile screen view and large screen view). To study more on responsive web page development you can go through amazing resources provided by css-tricks, github, stackoverflow to know about media queries, flexbox , css grids and also Bootstrap.

Also there is one more thing to keep in your mind is the browser compatibility. There are view CSS properties and JavaScript methods that might not be compatible in all browsers. So this is very important for a developer to keep in mind that his/her webpage needs to work efficiently in all the browsers without any bugs or issues!

Hope this article has been a help for you! Best wishes for your upcoming projects! 😃

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