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  1. Just escape them, if you understand he/she is fake and make a report on it
  2. If you think… The image you set is not Perfect then you can change but make the image SEO friendly and readable
  3. Try to do some marketing in twitter and quora platfrom, I think you will get clients and click also
  4. It’s maybe your gig rate, strat from $5
  5. Use your real identity and I hope you will get order, soon
  6. No, it’s not true… The FS always try to hlep us to get quick support, brother, You need to clear. Where you need to knock and how you want to the hlep
  7. Thank you for your clear opinion, how to work in marketplace, I will try to keep it in mind brother
  8. Any canceling it’s the mutual and the your understanding both reduse the order complition rate, As I know.
  9. Hello Fiverrians! I hope all are good, the last two months my GIgs clicking rate and the Impression was 3k+ but it fails. I do not know why this happens? My best seller Gig and I am turning into level one seller Fiverr.com Code_chief: I will fix coding issues html, css, js,jquery,ajax, php,laravel,...For only $20, Code_chief will fix coding issues html, css, js,jquery,ajax, php,laravel, wp. | Greeting!!!I am a Full Stack Web Developer with more than 8 years of working experience andexpert on Customizing Jquery, JavaScript Ajax and PHP, WordPress... If you have any idea, please share with me. Thank you
  10. There have some reson for gig dropt. Gig duplicateThumbnail duplicateReport by someoneCbeck this reson
  11. For this, you need to find correct keyword fast for the title and the body and good overviews your gigs body
  12. Congratulations brother, first of all you need assure the moto of gigs and checking the froum who needs this. Yes do sone social media marketing in fb groups
  13. I am very sad to know this…but I think you do not follow the fiverrs rules exactly. Make sure the gigs and the body langauge your gigs details Thanks
  14. Chiling with us, and read more posting you will the solution hoe to get first order, soon. Thanks
  15. Hello razproshad! I think you will get official rank from fiverr, best of luck. 🙃
  16. Yeap! you can try to send daily 10 buyer BR(buyer request). See carefully the requirements and Time frameBid the request with fluent descriptionadd the time and your strategy to give the solutionThanks
  17. First of all you need to decorate your GIG as fiverr recommed as your service, then chiling with fiverr community and bid the buyer request as possible. I hope you will get the job very soon Thank you
  18. I think the decoration is good, but. your thinking to give multi services from one account is bad Idea, brother.
  19. Great, Thank you for you good suggestion and the avdices
  20. There have a report option If someone try to do like adult behaviour you can report on him. brother
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