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Suddenly vanished my best selling gig


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This is Abir Hasan, WordPress and Shopify Expert. I’ve been working in fiverr since 2017. I’ve completed 114 order in fiverr now I’m a level-2 seller in fiverr. I’m really passionate about my fiverr career cause nowadays this is the only way I’ve decided to survive means I’m a full time freelancer here.

Everything was going very well untill last week. Few days ago I saw my best seller gig has been vanished from the search.Which was in the 2nd page by the keywrod of “wordpress website design”, 1st page by the keyword “landing page”, 1st page by the keword of “lander”. I’m really disappointed and hopeless after seeing this fact with me. Then over the last 1 week I’ve got 9 individual order from my repeated/ old client and I’ve completed that very well. But my gig impression going down to down. I’m really scared why does it happening with me? I’m not getting any new knock from new clients.

Here I’m attaching two attachment as proof over the last 7 days I’ve got 9 order and completed successfully 5 order with best compliments but still my gig statistics bringing me down to down.

7 days order1249×341 28.1 KB

gig statistics1245×330 19 KB

If you can do any help I’ll be really glad to you… It’s really unexpected from such an renowned market place…

Best regards,

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There are 89 098 results for “wordpress website design”, that is roughly 1800 pages. If I understand correctly, your gig was among top 100 results for several years. That’s a great result.
But the 1798 pages worth of gigs that were behind you need their chance to shine too.
We can’t be all on the first page all the time.
Even without those impressions you are getting more than one order per day on average. That is again a very good result.
You have to accept that you are not entitled to a top spot in search and move on. Gigs will keep rotating and your gig will likely be back to the first pages eventually, it will take time though.
In the meantime you can try updating your gig with new images and look for other things to improve.

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