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Fee increase again?


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Any good reason for the increase in fees from $2 to $2.5 on a $5 gig? I now have to pay $7.50 for something that Fiverr charges sellers a 20% fee on, unless I am mistaken.

This is hugely more expensive than the likes of Upwork, and another reason I have taken a good portion of my projects of this platform.

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I would like to check what’s new in this update and compare it to older version. So far the most important change is in “Payment Terms” / Purchasing / Service fees are 5% of the purchase amount + $2 for purchases under $50.(void $2 for purchases up to $40, 5% on purchases above $40 as of May 2018) Is there ToS archive available to Fiverr Users? Does anybody know?

Fiverr decided to make all Gigs up to $50 more expensive as of November 2020. The funny thing is, they somehow forgot to tell anyone. 😀

It would certainly be more polite to announce it somehow and not just update the ToS.


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