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My gigs ranking are not back?


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Hi Everyone,
I have a problem before 4 months ago my all gigs are the first page on all the keywords and after that my all gigs ranking is lost and gone on the last page. Now it’s 4 months are almost completed but still, my gigs ranking is not back. I am requesting all of them, please give me the best advice, tips to rank my all gigs on the top, and ranking back. I have also sent a message on CS but not get any response.
Please help me.

I am waiting for your kind response.
I shall be very thankful to you.

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To get ranking back Sharing the gig in social media.

That has nothing to do with gig rankings. But if your sharing brings a significant amount of sales, that might very well boost rankings, but not the sharing itself. I’ve done it many many times over the years.

As for what might be losing rankings, at least everytime I’ve lost my rankings it’s been because of editing a gig. That’s a sure way to make gigs vanish, one at a time after editing. When this happens, I don’t know how long it could take for them to return. It has been 11 months for me so far I believe.

But some people see it happen without editing too, and in that case we can only guess what might cause it.

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