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Please anyone find my gig and find the problem


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These are my suggestions/comments since the last changes to the gigs:

Gig: I will remove image background in all sector
In the gig description:
“.i will” could be “. I will”
“I am a expert graphic designer” could be “I am an expert graphic designer”

Gig: I will write everything you want
In the gig description:
It says “Here is my telegram id”. Off-site contact isn’t normally allowed.

Gig: I will write article writing essay writing and story writing

The gig description now starts with “Clare does something that I (for some reason) haven’t seen anyone else do. That is, he writes up a summary…”. Why are you writing what Clare does when you aren’t Clare?
The whole gig description seems like copied reviews. It doesn’t say what you will do in the gig. You also switch between “he” and “she” in the description.

Also I’d reword “An warm thanks to read me description”.

In the profile:
“soo quickly” could be “so quickly”
“.i will” could be “. I will” - you should capitalise all occurrences of the word “I” if you have writing gigs I think.

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delete this and create new one with well keyword research and competitor analysis. after creating new gig set up a well eye catchy buyer request pre template (do not use it for every buyer request. first read the whole BR then edit your template, you can maintain header & footer though). hope you will get message from buyer soon. and another thing is be patient and work hard. Good Luck For You Buddy.

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